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Missing teeth can cause you problems in a variety of different ways. And one of the most popular solutions that people opt for when looking to remedy these issues is a dental bridge. Here at Lakeland Family Dentistry in Flowood, Mississippi, we help patients like you have dental bridges installed safely and efficiently so they can return to normal at the soonest possible opportunity. If you want to find out more about dental bridges and the benefits they bring, read on.

What Are Dental Bridges?Dental Bridges Flowood MS

A dental bridge gets its name from the way in which they literally bridge a gap in your smile that’s created by missing teeth. It might be one missing tooth or it could be multiple; with the right bridge, the teeth are filled in with crows for the teeth or false teeth if necessary.

The right approach and solution is found depending on the specific needs of the individual because cases can vary wildly from person to person. The bridge is anchored in place by two crowns on each side, which keeps the false teeth in between them secure and in place as they should be.

The Benefits Dental Bridges Offer

There are many benefits that come with using a dental bridge. For most people, it’s about restoring the smile and correcting aesthetic issues caused by missing teeth. But the benefits go beyond just the appearance of your smile. For many people, missing teeth lead to speech problems and problems with eating.

A dental bridge can correct all of those kinds of problems. They also maintain the structure of your teeth and bite, allowing for a better maintained shape to the face. Biting is less of an issue because force is spread more evenly when biting down, and they should also prevent the natural teeth that remain from drifting out of their correct position, which can sometimes be a problem with tooth loss.

The Process of Having Dental Bridges Fitted

The first part of the process involves having the teeth on each side of the gap properly prepared. How this is done will depend on what the situation demands, but in many cases it involves recontouring the teeth and allowing for the crown to be placed correctly.

Impressions of the teeth also have to be made so that the bridge and any false teeth fit correctly in place. You will then wear a temporary bridge while the permanent one is made. The permanent bridge will be secured in place and the dentist will monitor your progress following the procedure, allowing necessary adjustments to be made.

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Dental bridges offer a wide range of benefits, and if you think that they might offer you the solutions to your dental problems that you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Lakeland Family Dentistry today. The number to use if you want to book an appointment or speak to a member of our team is (601) 981-4746. We’ll take things from there and assess whether dental bridges represent an appropriate treatment for your problems.



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