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At Lakeland Family Dentistry, we specialise in taking care of your oral health from 6 months old right up until your senior years. Many of our patients are registered with us as young children, and as they age, they too trust us with their families dental care completing the full circle. Family Dentistry Flowood MS

Remove the need to register your family at different dental practices by choosing family dentistry for your whole family. Allowing us to treat your family as they age and develop means we are ideally placed to know the best course of action for your oral requirements as well as being able to provide a personalized and tailored treatment schedule based on our knowledge and experience in treating you at different stages of your life.

Why Choose Family Dentistry?

Choosing a family dentistry practice means that unlike general dentists, who may have age restrictions, we can track your development over the years without any interruptions and or worries that you may need to find a new dentist after a certain age. Our care doesn't stop, and we will always treat you regardless of age.

Another bonus of choosing family dentistry in Flowood, Mississippi, is that we are well versed in different conditions and oral diseases that a general or pediatric dentist may not treat, meaning you would need to find a new provider who does. Our expertise and experience in treating a larger section of the population mean we can confidently detect, diagnose and treat many oral conditions and diseases on-site using the best technology at our disposal.

Life Stages of Dental Care with Family Dentistry, Flowood, Mississippi


Babies' teeth usually make an appearance from 6 months onwards. During this time, they can be susceptible to oral diseases, cavities and tooth decay. It is recommended you start bringing your baby to a family dentist around this time to help start a good oral care routine with your child.

Young Children

Children will grow their baby teeth and then lose them all in the space of a few years. During this period, it is advisable to maintain regular dental check-ups to establish good oral hygiene and identify any issues or conditions affecting their mouth and incoming adult teeth.

Teens and Young Adults

Many teenagers will require the use of orthodontics, such as braces. Teens can also be susceptible to cavities, tooth decay and gum disease due to lifestyle choices and the food and drink they ingest.


Many adults fall behind on keeping regular appointments, and as such, it is easy for issues to fall in the cracks, leading to bigger problems down the line. As you age, you become more likely to lose teeth for many different reasons and experience other mouth-related conditions such as TMJ.


As we get older, we face new and different concerns with our mouth and teeth. Dry mouth, oral cancers, root decay and more can be prevalent in this age group, meaning you need a family dentist in Flowood who can provide you with the right level of dental care for your age.

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