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There are several occasions that it is possible to save the tooth rather than have your tooth extracted - even in the case of reasonably bad decay. Sometimes the tooth decay advances into the soft inner tissue, which is known as the pulp. A root canal performed at our Lakeland Family Dentistry clinic Flowood, MS, will carefully remove the infected tissue. By doing this, it enables the dentist to preserve the healthy exterior of the tooth. Most often, the root canal therapy is not as painful as the infected pulp. This means having a root canal can usually remove any pain immediately once the treatment has been done. Your root canal treatment will be as comfortable and quick as possible. To ensure that you can enjoy your smile and have great oral health once again.

Root Canal Dentist Flowood MS

How Do I Know If I Need A Root Canal?

There are several indicators that you might be an ideal candidate for a root canal.

Here are some signs that you might need to have a root canal:

If you have some decay on your tooth, it doesn’t mean that you will experience the typical tooth infection symptoms. Sometimes the infection might be present but without pain. This can be more dangerous.

It is imperative that you head to the dentist as soon as you can if you have a crack, chip, cavities, or any pain at all in your tooth. Regular check-ups will most often spot any of these signs and symptoms before needing a full root canal.

Root Canal Procedures

The tooth and gum will need to be assessed. The procedure is carefully planned to ensure that only the damaged tissues are removed.

A local anesthetic will be applied to the area that needs to be treated.

Once the area is numb, an access point will be created in order to gain access to the pulp within the tooth. The pulp, which is the nerves, blood vessels, and other soft tissues, will be removed. The pulp will be removed from the middle of the tooth and the roots of the tooth.

Once the tooth has been emptied of all of the pulp, your dentist will disinfect the inside of the tooth. This is a vital step to prevent infection. The empty space will be filled with a rubber material that is called gutta-percha, and your dentist will then place a temporary filling.

A crown will then be placed to restore the outer look and feel of the original tooth.

The most significant benefit of having a root canal is that it allows you to retain as much of your real tooth as possible.

Lakeland Family Dentistry is friendly and can make you feel at ease about your root canal treatment in Flowood, Mississippi.


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